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Background article to the establishment of Arley Neighbourhood Plan by Arley Parish Council which first appeared in Arley News Summer 2013 edition

Parish to Neighbourhood Plan

Arley Neighbourhood Plan - Sub Committee

In 2007 a number of conscientious parishioners & Parish Councillors worked very hard to produce the Arley Parish Plan. All parishioners were surveyed for their input to the Plan & a Summary of Results was published which provided a significant amount of information & analysis about our villages & community. Six years on the government has changed the rules & a Parish Plan has become not just a useful document but an important part of the planning process.

Under the terms of the new Localism Bill if Arley does not put together a Neighbourhood Plan (which will replace the previous Parish Plan), setting out the parishioners' vision of the future for the villages over the next few years, then it will lose powers to influence new developments, for example, the building of new houses, which might be proposed. Alarmingly, if neighbouring parishes have plans, & Arley does not, then these villages might be able to unload some of their development onto us!

We need to have a vision for Arley for the next 10 years & beyond so that when dealing with local councils & government agencies we are able to state "that is not in our plan" or "we support this because it is in our plan" which will give us a voice in the planning process that we've never had before. Producing our Neighbourhood Plan will involve significant of work over the next couple of years so you all need to get involved in writing it & we need everyone to tell us what they think, as the plan has to be based on the opinions of the parishioners. A lot can be achieved if we all work together.

To begin with Arley Parish Council has set up a sub-committee which includes representatives of both the APC & parishioners & soon as possible there will be a public meeting where you can come along to find out more about the process, tell us how you think New & Old Arley should develop over the next few years & perhaps volunteer to help!

In the meantime, if you would like any further information on the Neighbourhood Plan, or you are interested in joining the Sub Committee, then please contact Gerry Brough the APC Clerk on 01676 542563 or

The 2008 Arley Parish Plan can be downloaded HERE

Committee Members.

NAME                                            EMAIL                                                TELEPHONE

John Birch                        01676 549210

Paul Reader                                           01676 541323

Mike Williams                                          01676 540988

Gary Green                                 07788568841                          

Eric Fellows                               01676 542697

Gill Guy                                             01676 542105

Gail Williams                                                                                            01676 541580

Patti Baker                                             01676 541683                                  


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Challenges Facing Arley. This document has been compiled from the two public meetings held in September.

Meeting of North Warwickshire Neighbourhood Plans groups.

Arley Neighbourhood Plan Survey. Results summary.

Booklet distributed with the winter edition of Arley News.

NEW. May 2016

Plan accepted by NWBC Forward Planning for submission to the June Planning Board for approval to take forward to a referendum. 


To contact John Birch, the committee Chairman please Email us at or click on the Email us button at the head of this page.


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